Friday, November 12, 2010


This shoot was a NIGHTMARE to put together. First, both my original model AND photographer ended up getting really sick, and the shoot needed to be done that day because I would be going on vacation the following morning and working for quite some time after. Thus, I called my friend (OMG I LOVE MY FRIENDS) who happened to be a similar size as my original model, if not a tiny bit shorter, grabbed my shitty camera and trekked out to her house at 12:30 in the morning.

She was such a trooper! I had never been behind the camera, she had never modeled, my "art-director" (loose term for her sister haha) was drilling her with details, and it was pouring rain. Did I mention that this was at 12:30 in the morning?

It started out super awkward. I can't lie, shooting with a cheap camera with an unexperienced model (and photographer), in the rain late at night, I didn't have very high hopes. But this shoot was magical, frame after frame, pictures came out perfectly disheveled. Shots were blurry, there were watermarks on the lens, but it added to the atmosphere of the collection. It was spectacular. And that pose! I taught her the single ladies dance, and I started the shoot telling her to do the dance, but end at the pose she was in. Marvelous. 

I learned a lot from this shoot. A lot about preparedness, a lot about spontaneity, and a lot about the wonders of a labor of love. 

Dress: Evan
Tights: Evan
Belt: Ardenes
Bangles: Ardenes
Shoes; Models Own

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