Monday, November 8, 2010


Famine, the second dress from my portfolio collection. This dress was my favorite! I loved everything about it, the construction, the idea, the model, the photo shoot, everything pulled together for an INCREDIBLE experience! I take a lot of inspiration from birds of prey. I adore the intriguing mixture of grace and ferocity. I tried to ensconce that with this dress. I also listened to a lot of orchestral music while I was designing this collection, but I played this pretty much on constant repeat when I was making this dress.

I LOVE FINAL FANTASY 7. Such an enormous source of inspiration for me! Nobuo Uematsu is a genius. No words describe the level of awesome that this song encompasses.

This is my favorite image out of all of the photo shoots done for the collection. It's so perfect in its imperfection. Sure, the eyes are a little dark, and maybe it's not the best compositionally, but it best captures the emotion and feeling I was trying to get out of the collection. The lightly tousled hair, the agony written across her face... Sublime.

At this point I felt a little bad for my model. "Hey, I know you're wearing 5 inch heels and everything, but do you mind posing on a tiny rock in the middle of that pond over there?" doesn't exactly get one brownie points. But she did amazing and was a total professional. I always try to get girls with personality for shoots, they do the best there, hands down.

The only problem I had with the dress were the feathers on the shoulders. But I figured out an easy way to do them. I ended up snapping 5 needles on my sewing machine by doing so....... Whatever, it turned out, which is all that matters.

Dress: Evan
Belt: Ardenes
Bangles: Ardenes
Ring: Ardenes
Shoes: Model's Own

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