Sunday, November 14, 2010


This dress didn't QUITE turn out as well as I had hoped. Mostly due to a lack of experience and procrastination, both on my part. But, lesson learned, don't try and rush finish a dress 2 days before you intend on shooting it. Never. Again.

FINALLY. I get to work with an experienced model. I had lucked out on my models before, they all worked well in front of the camera, but all of them needed a tiny (and I mean infinitesimally small) push. But she needed no direction. I was like, woah. And my photographer was like, woah.

And she fit the dress so well! The skin, the hair, the burning intensity in the eyes! Ugh, perfect.

I was having a lot of difficulty thinking of locations for shooting this dress. With all the other dresses, I knew where I wanted to take pictures. Be it on a sound stage with flashing lights, on a rocky outcrop by the beach, in a natural area by a city center or by a construction zone, I knew immediately where I wanted to photograph my collection. But with this dress, I couldn't think of anywhere to shoot. As luck would have it, my photographer and I were scrambling for places the day before the shoot, and we stumbled upon a mossy, overgrown set of old stairs. It was like someone had captured an 18th century villa and forgot about it, allowing nature to run it's course. It was a natural fit.

Dress: Evan
Shoes: Models Own

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