Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tom Ford

No designer will ever EVER take Alexander McQueen's place in my heart and soul, but Tom Ford runs a pretty damn close second. After "retiring" (I use this term extremely loosely) from the fashion industry, Mr. Ford began to make his triumphant return with his directorial debut, the 2009 film "A Single Man".

A Single Man was one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen, with imagery reminiscent of the work of Sofia Coppola and of the extreme poppy-ness of Tim Burton. I could go on forever about this film; the flawless portrayal of very deep and emotionally scarred characters, the stunning camera work and the fabulous costuming all made for a breathtaking film experience.However, while the film was very fashion centric, this was far from a return to the fashion industry. 

After helming as creative director at the house of Gucci, Ford moved on to YSL, where, like at Gucci, he greatly improved profits and brought both houses into a modern age. In 2005 he left the Gucci Group and launched his eponymous label. Although he never really retired, he never released a full womenswear collection. That is, until now. 

The thing that I adore most about Tom Ford (aside from his designs), is his attention to detail and true value to customer service. He kept his presentation personal and intimate, the focus being on the clothes and the women wearing them, rather than on spectacle. 

And the clothes themselves were amazing. Beautifully structured suits,sequined gowns, and above all, that pink fringe leopard print dress. Such a concoction of fantasy and glamor! The collection felt expensive, it felt polished, it felt correct. If this is a premonition of what's to come in the future for Tom Ford, then I can't wait to tag along for the ride.

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  1. you can never really get away from this industry, it sucks you in ;D
    I need to see a single man though =S