Monday, January 17, 2011

Menswear Fall 2011

One word to describe menswear? B-O-R-I-N-G. Designers often don't experiment much with their menswear presentations, as cultural and societal norms usually clash with what could be a phenomenally quirky menswear design. It's usually not saleable to most men.

However, I always look forward to the Alexander McQueen show (surprising right?). Sarah Burton did not disappoint.

There is a sense of drama in her clothing that I like to emulate in my own wardrobe. And who wouldn't want to make an entrance in a splendid red coat and leather pants!

I was rather intrigued by the layering in this ensemble. Normally I would just wear the vest under the coat, allowing only flashes of leather to peek through, but this works well because the revers on the vest are larger than that of the coat.

I ADORE THIS PRINT. This makes me want a printed blazer so bad.

Taking the unfortunate trend of vampirism and making it modern, the coat is what sells this look for me. A classic black coat is a staple in mens wardrobes, however, the oversized collar makes me fall in love with this even more.

I was fascinated by this new take on the double breasted coat. Interesting.

And of course, the suit. This continues to pursue an idea Sarah presented in her first womenswear presentaion for the label, the slashing open of the shoulders. I never would have imagined this working well with menswear, but the just-perfectly-crooked-to-look-like-an-accident-but-it-really-wasn't tie brings the casual aspect of the shoulder into sharp professionalism. Blue socks with a suit! Ugh, perfect.

But of course, menswear is still presenting. Nicola Formichetti's first menswear collection for Thierry Mugler shows on Wednesday.  Lady Gaga is the musical director. Am I excited? You bet your fierce blue socks I am.

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