Sunday, December 5, 2010

Your Fantasy Is My Finale

Final Fantasy. Say those words and a billion geeky memories and dreams dance through my head.Most prominently so is Final Fantasy VII. Or 7 for the Roman numerally challenged. FF7 was my first real foray into video gaming, and not only did it introduce me to the wonderful world of video games, it also helped establish another one of my career goals.

Designers these days do a lot of collaborations. David Dixon for Barbie, Alexander McQueen for Puma, Rodarte for Target.... The list could easily stretch miles long. Designers collaborate with everyone from make-up companies to toy manufacturers. Picture this: A designer collaboration to do all the costuming for a Final Fantasy game. Hold that thought, digest it, because that shit is amazing!

Just imagine, Alexander McQueen x FF. My two favorite things mashed into one. My eyes would probably explode from the visual orgasm! Thus, I have made that one of my career goals. To do the costuming in a Final Fantasy game. Not only because that would be so totally sweet and cool and other such adjectives, but their would be no creative limits. There would be no fabric or gravity limitations. "That pattern is simply impossible to draft!" Well, it just got digitized. Done. So awesome.

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